Barley Ramularia fungicide resistance detected in Germany

by Scottish Agronomy
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Bayer have recently reported that the barley disease Ramularia is now potentially resistant to three of the main groups of fungicide chemistry in Germany.

Unfortunately, Scottish Agronomy have also noticed some unusual disease patterns within their trials.

This would leave chlorothalonil as the best single option for this disease.

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Monroe Winter Wheat – A brief introduction

by Scottish Agronomy
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Monroe winter wheat is a rare variety that “consistently comes up with the goods,” according to Andrew Gilchrist, the Head of Scottish Agronomy. 

The variety has been studied over three seasons in Scottish Agronomy’s "Supplementary Variety Trials Programme". The variety has also been widely adopted by the organisation’s members.

“Monroe was originally one of John Blackman’s varieties, and we selected it because it looked interesting,” explains Mr Gilchrist. “The variety didn’t make it on to the national Recommended List, but it has topped our Supplementary Trials for three years running with very good yields and specific weights.” He suggests that its consistency across seasons and sites the length of Scotland are important factors for growers to consider, because these results demonstrate reliability.

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