20th March 2024

I joined Scottish Agronomy full-time last year after working as a summer student and despite being born into a farming family, I definitely prefers the summer to winter.


Tell us a little bit about you (your career so far, where you are from?

Born and raised in Perth and growing up with a great interest in agriculture, as my family are involved in farming themselves, I went to study agriculture for a couple of years in Aberdeen. I came to Scottish Agronomy as as a summer student and after finishing my course, was offered a permanent position, where I have been for over a year now.


What’s your role at Scottish Agronomy/what are you doing day to day?

I am a full-time Trials Officer. There are various jobs that we do, like managing the seed for winter/spring sowing times and doing different jobs out in the field like spraying or assessing. In the summer, we harvest the crops, and a sample will be taken from each trial plot. Harvest is definitely my favourite time at Scottish Agronomy!


What will you be found doing when not at work? Favourite things to do?…

I like to go up to the farm sometimes and keep my dad company but usually like spending time with friends, just catching up and generally keeping busy.


What do you love about working at Scottish Agronomy?…

I really like the variation of jobs we have and the mix of being indoors and outdoors. The team is also a bonus, as they are all great to work with and are very supportive and helpful when learning new things on the job.


If I wasn’t working for SA, I would have been… (and why)

I would definitely be working in this industry somehow but I always felt like I would end up here, as I have had a great interest in agronomy for a long time.


Best or worst job you’ve ever had and why?….

My worst job has got to be the paper round I used to do as a child. Those cold early mornings were definitely a killer for me.


Ideal weekend/happy place? …

My ideal weekend is for sure sitting in a beer garden somewhere in the sunshine with all my friends, watching the rugby, or even watching the football and just having a grand time!

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