At Scottish Agronomy we know that farmers rely on new knowledge and innovation to overcome challenges and ensure the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of their business.

In addition to our world-class trials programme, our directors and team are involved in a number of influential committees and projects. This gives us inside knowledge early on which we can share with members to translate back to their own businesses, and is a valuable resource for Trade Associates to relay to their own customers.

The diversity of expertise across our team and information achieved through these collaborations assures the integrity and quality of advice on which Scottish Agronomy has built its name.

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Innovation & Research Scottish Agronomy
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Innovation & Research Scottish Agronomy
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  • AHDB Barley, Oats and Other Cereals Committee
  • Scottish Variety Consultative Committee
  • Scottish Agronomy are technical advisors to Scottish Quality Crops (SQC)
  • AHDB RL Protocols Committee
  • Light Leafspot in Winter Oilseed Rape – evaluation of fungicide control in field-scale trials
  • Ramularia control in barley – evaluation of non-fungicidal, potential treatment options
  • Take all in winter wheat – evaluation of seed treatments 2019 season
  • Bacteriophage for black leg control consortium partner conducting replicated field trials (randomised small plot trials). Provide technical support and consultation. Efficacy trials.
  • SKAi Soil Essentials KORE Artificial Intelligence Project
  • AHDB Strategic Seed Potato Farm
  • AHDB Strategic Combinable Crop Farm
  • AHDB Potato Treater Group
  • AHDB National Potato Virus Forum
  • Rural Innovation Support Services (RISS) award. Part of the Scottish Rural Network, RISS is led by Soil Association Scotland in partnership with SAOS, SAC Consulting, Scotland Food and Drink and innovative farmers.
  • Araceli Torro-Galiana Phd Studentship – Understanding Late Blight
  • Dr Peter Skelsey AHDB Phd Studentship – Blackleg Prediction Tool
  • Peter Skelsey and Roy Nielson, James Hutton AHDB studentship – FLN
  • Dr Matt Back, Harper Adams University and Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership (BBSRC) Phd studentship – Novel solanaceous plants for the management of potato cyst nematode population densities
For me the independent advice from Scottish Agronomy is really important, but it’s the combination of this with group discussion which makes this such powerful resource to our enterprise

John Weir, Lacesston Farm, Gateside

Good agronomic advice is the number one controllable influence within our business and so to have the quality of independent information available to us through Scottish Agronomy is essential

Fin Hay, Easter Rhynd, Perth

With Scottish Agronomy and at the group meetings, there is the opportunity to question the science.

Mark McCallum, St. Martins, Culbokie, Dingwall

At group meetings there is scope to hold a wide base of discussion from agronomy and trials to diesel or carbon capture.

Alan Arnot, Hatton Mill Farm, Froickheim

The annual fee is good value for decades of experience both in trials data and agronomy, and there is no pressure to use a product

David Aglen, Balbirnie Home Farms, Freuchie

Scottish Agronomy gives fantastic independent advice. We work together as a partnership to make the most of the crops and yields, and what we do is evolving all the time. We are not aiming for revolution, but valuable cumulative evolution

Donald Ross, Rhynie Farm, Tain

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