Group membership is a time and resource-efficient way to build your knowledge. Growers benefit from regular technical updates, targeted crop inspections on the day and expert agronomy advice within a friendly and valuable peer-to-peer learning environment.

Group membership includes:

Monthly meetings in groups of 6-12 farmers hosted in rotation by group members
Face-to-face support and advice from one of our agronomists
Full and frank kitchen-table discussion and guidance on crop management input, marketing, legislation and more.

Targeted follow-up crop inspection on the day to examine specific issues
Email and telephone support from our agronomist throughout the year. The service comes with a strong team of experienced practical agronomists to assist growers to make better management decisions and thereby sustain profitability.

All the benefits of our Knowledge Hub package including technical bulletins, open days and invitations to our regional results meeting and annual conference
For more information call the office on 01577 862759 or click here for a 30-day trial.

Members can find the next meeting in your area here.


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Being part of Scottish Agronomy challenges the way you think and brings up the standard of your agronomy

Craig Peddie, Cornceres Farm, Anstruther

SA agronomists have their finger on the pulse. They go to conferences and meetings where they get information ahead of growers about current events or what’s coming up and this funnels down to us so we can prepare ahead

Ken Durston, North Nevay, Balkeerie, Forfar

With Scottish Agronomy, the independent advice allows me to make my own decisions and save money, which more than covers the annual membership fee

John Wilson, Over Rankeilour Farms, Cupar

I enjoy that with Scottish Agronomy we can challenge the agronomist’s advice, there is a discussion and options are explained to growers.

David Gill, Rosskeen Farms, Invergordon

The market leading agronomic information and support we receive has been the single most important influence on our farming business over the past 35 years

David Hay, Easter Rhynd, Perth

Costs of any inputs are so high that any way of cutting those costs is essential to the success of our business. Working with Scottish Agronomy, we have reduced rates and cut out sprays which is key to our bottom line.

John Weir, Lacesston, Gateside

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