30th April 2024

Born and brought up in South Wales, I studied Agriculture and Farm Secretarial Studies at Usk College in Monmouthshire, working as a Farm Secretary in Gloucestershire for two years, then moving to Scotland, where I worked as a groom/nanny for 2 years before setting up my own Freelance Secretarial Business. I then got involved with SAYFC, which provided the ideal dating agency for meeting my husband Arthur. I’m now involved with the farm at home, working in partnership with our sons James and David, where my main job is looking after the finances.


What’s your role at Scottish Agronomy/what are you doing day to day?

I started work for Scottish Agronomy in 1997 working with Huw and Trish in the farmhouse at Arlary and my role has grown over the years as the company has expanded.  My work mainly involves accounts, dealing with all purchase and sales transactions, membership and trials invoicing and management reporting.  I also look after the payroll; staff are always pleased to see me around the 15th of the month. 


What will you be found doing when not at work?

I am currently a Director and the Honorary Secretary of the Royal Highland Agricultural Society of Scotland, so that keeps me out of mischief  but I also enjoy horse riding, walking, volunteering at equestrian events and most of all spending time with family and our six grandchildren who all live close by. 


What do you love about working at Scottish Agronomy?…

I have always enjoyed working with the team at Arlary, It’s a very friendly environment and has a great team ethos.  I like the opportunities that it affords the staff to progress, many starting as summer students and working their way up through the business.  Its great to see how Scottish Agronomy has grown over the years and continues to support its core members with first class advice.  I feel very lucky to have a job that’s right on my doorstep, doing work that I really enjoy, in a flexible, friendly environment.      


If I wasn’t working for SA, I would have been?

I love working with animals and being outside, I think I would have made a good veterinary nurse, but I am loving being a granny so very happy with that.


Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Always speak to people how you would like to be spoken to yourself. 


Guilty pleasure?

Horses, not a cheap hobby but I’ve had a lot of fun riding and breeding them over the years. 


Ideal weekend/happy place?

A trip away in our motorhome with Arthur and our crazy Border terrier Waffle.


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