Scottish Agronomy invests in latest potato grading tech

Scottish Agronomy invests in latest potato grading tech

30th September 2021

At Scottish Agronomy, we’re always exploring the latest innovations in the industry, and investing in technology and skills that will give us valuable insights to support members, whether it’s to drive efficiency or overcome emerging challenges in your own enterprises.

This season we’ve made a major investment in a new digital grader for the potato trials. The state-of-the-art optical grader, an SG Reader made by Gejo, measures each tuber via its 3D camera providing a number of key measurements including tuber number and weight in each 5mm size fraction. As well as individual tuber length for each tuber delivered straight to the computer. 

Previously the trials have all been graded by hand using a set of riddles and the new technology will significantly streamline the process.

The new grader is also capable of capturing more data about each tuber than previously possible and we are looking forward to exploring how we can use this new information to further benefit the members. So far this season Donald has been using the machine to service our partners in the seed industry, working with companies such as Branston, STET and Scott & Newman to give growers a guide on the total marketable yield for each crop.

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