Shape the Future: a message from AHDB

Shape the Future: a message from AHDB

1st February 2022

In April this year AHDB levy payers will be able to have their say and influence the work AHDB does across the beef, lamb, dairy, pork and cereals & oilseed sectors. They will also be able to voice what they think are the major challenges across the industry.

AHDB has looked at what they believe is important to levy payers and will be asking questions about whether this is the right focus.

For cereals and oilseeds, AHDB’s Recommended List (RL) remains the most widely used publication in cereal production. It forms the basis of every decision on which variety to plant, providing independent, un-biased assessment of yield, quality and resistance to pests and diseases.

Alongside the technical advice and guidance shared through guides and online tools, we have a nationwide network of Monitor and Strategic farms, bringing together farmers and researchers to discuss and share new ideas, issues and challenges on a range of agronomic and business topics.

We invest over half our budget to fill gaps in production knowledge and communicate findings out to growers. Currently, our three focus areas are the integration of pest, weed and disease management information, provision of up-to-date nutrient management information and investigation of ways to manage and improve soil health.

AHDB also provides daily market prices and analysis of what’s on the horizon and what consumers are thinking and spending their money on.

You need to register for your chance to shape the future of AHDB at . Registration should take no more than five minutes and needs to be completed by 31 March. You will then be contacted to have your say from 11 April for four weeks.

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