7th March 2024

Born and raised in Wales even though I don’t have the accent to match… I originally started a degree in nursing but decided it wasn’t for me. So decided to do a part time degree with the Open University in Environmental Science while working. I then moved into agriculture doing a bit of lambing, calf rearing and milking, with a flock of sheep on the side. This really started my interest in agriculture and agronomy and I moved up to Scotland and joined Scottish Agronomy last year. 


What’s your role at Scottish Agronomy/what are you doing day to day?…

I am one of the Field Trial Officers in the Trials Team. Since joining in September I have been involved with tattie harvest, preparing seed, drilling, spraying and assessments. I’m looking forward to harvest and completing a whole cycle of the year.


What will you be found doing when not at work?/Favorite things to do?

Most likely walking somewhere in the glens! I love walking and have loved exploring the area since moving to Scotland.


What do you love about working at Scottish Agronomy?

We’ve got a great team who are supportive of each other and love working outdoors. The variation of the job, always something different to do and something new to learn. Also get to see different areas of Scotland as have trial sites from up North down to the Borders. 


If I wasn’t working for SA, I would have been…

Can’t imagine being in a different industry other than agriculture


Best or worst job you’ve ever had and why?

Hospitality definitely had some interesting moments, I don’t miss cleaning hotel rooms!


Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Just to go for it, try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone. If they don’t work out you can always go back


Guilty pleasure?

Has to be the obvious answer: Chocolate


Ideal Weekend/Happy Place?

Seeing friends and disappearing for a beautiful walk somewhere… with a pint at the end of course!


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