7th March 2024

Originally from Woking in Surrey, Luke studied Plant Biology in Wales at Aberystwyth University to work in trials at NIAB in Cambridge, and at DEFRA as a Plant Health Inspector. He moved to Glasgow early 2023.


What’s your role at Scottish Agronomy/what are you doing day to day?…

I have been at Scottish Agronomy since summer 2023, as a member of the trials team. Day to day work varies by the season and I’m always happy to get involved in whatever needs doing. The thing I enjoy most about working for SA is the emphasis on working as a team and then personally the feeling of having gained more experience each day.


What will you be found doing when not at work?/Favourite things to do?…

When not at work, I play rugby with the Glasgow Chickens or get out into the hills climbing or hiking.


If I wasn’t working for SA, I would have been… (and why)

If I wasn’t at SA, I would probably still be cheffing at the restaurant I worked at when I first moved to Glasgow – a job I loved, aside from the lack of fresh air!


Best or worst job you’ve ever had and why?….

Worst job I’ve had would probably be when I worked as a Deliveroo cyclist in a town where all the hungry students lived up the top of a huge, steep hill.


What will you be found doing when not at work?

Ideal weekend would be a hike and a swim in the highlands on a Saturday with my partner, and the play/watch rugby on a Sunday.

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