Barley Ramularia fungicide resistance detected in Germany

by Scottish Agronomy
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Bayer have recently reported that the barley disease Ramularia is now potentially resistant to three of the main groups of fungicide chemistry in Germany.

Unfortunately, Scottish Agronomy have also noticed some unusual disease patterns within their trials.

This would leave chlorothalonil as the best single option for this disease.

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Reduced sensitivity to fluazinam detected in the rapidly increasing Phytophthora infestans clonal lineage EU-37 (Dark Green 37)

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Results from Wageningen University & Research shows that all P. infestans EU-37 isolates tested, displayed a reduced sensitivity to fluazinam. There is a strong indication that the rise of EU-37 in Europe is not only caused by its better fitness but also by a selection advantage in situations in which fluazinam is used.

Link to full article from Wageningen University

"Hutton Criteria" blight prediction tool

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‘Hutton Criteria’ could lead to new prediction tool in fight against blight 

Potato growers in Scotland are being urged to keep on top of potato late blight as improving weather has seen pressure rise to epidemic proportions south of the border. 

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