George Lawrie

George Lawrie

Company Secretary


George has been a long-standing member of Scottish Agronomy and past Chairman of the Board of Directors. He is a past member of the AHDB Cereals and Oil Seed board and while there chaired its R and KE committee and the RB209 Nutrient Management review. He is currently on the James Hutton Institute board helping develop the International Barley Hub. George joined the staff of Scottish Agronomy in 2018 with the specific role of Governance and, along with the Senior Management Team, looking at business development opportunities. In April 2021, he assumed the role of Interim Managing Director and Company Secretary.

George loves a rock concert. Did you know he worked at T in the Park for 18 years? Promoted to Front of House Manager, he got access all areas and backstage passes to see all the stages to his heart’s content. When he’s not at a concert he’s escaping to a country house hotel with his wife for total chill and good food. If he could share a long car journey with anyone, he would want someone with a good life story. Top of the list would be David Jason or Captain Tom.


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